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Our main interest is that the productive activities go in harmony with the environment for which we make your development project our own, making it environmentally viable.
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About us

Nur company was established in 1991 as M&S Environmental Specialists, and since then it has been formed by a team of professionals from various disciplines who have held executive positions in the public and private sectors.


Its strength lies in the ability to gather knowledge and experience. Our permanent concern is the analysis of business within the framework of the world economy and that of the country, framing it within the environmental regulations.

We differ from other consulting and auditing firms in that most of our professionals work as lecturers in various universities in the country, so they are constantly updated, providing each project they undertake with a different vision.

We also have automatic equipment and materials for field work as well as software and hardware necessary for the development of environmental studies.

We form multidisciplinary groups per project which are duly coordinated and supervised by a project manager.

We have the support of chemical laboratories of recognized trajectory for the analysis of environmental samples, accredited by INDECOPI and recognized by governmental and non-governmental entities.

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Professional staff

Silvia Iglesias Leon
General Manager, CIP 45598

Specialist in Environmental Management with more than twenty years of experience with studies at the Faculty of Geological, Mining, Metallurgical and Geographic Engineering (FIGMMG), Academic Professional School of Geographic Engineering of the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos (UNMSM). Master of Science in Environmental Assessment and Management at Oxford Brookes University in England, and PhD in Environmental Philosophy. Postgraduate studies in environmental matters in Switzerland (1992), Japan (2000), Sweden (2006), Costa Rica (2008), Belgium (1998 and 2011) and Mexico (2011), among others. He has twenty years of experience in environmental consulting and supervision, leadership, direction and management in mining and industrial environmental issues. He has visited several mining companies throughout the country including beneficiation plants, pits, leaching pads, and other mining components for the purpose of environmental audits or studies. He has also visited effluent treatment plants, reclaimed sites, solid waste treatment plants in Belgium, Sweden, Japan and England.

Manuel Caballero Ríos
CIP 66411

Metallurgical Engineer, Environmental Specialist, more than twenty years of experience in the professional field. Master in Environmental Sciences, mention in Sustainable Development and Mineral and Energy Resources - Faculty of Geological, Mining, Metallurgical and Geographic Engineering of UNMSM. Professor of the Metallurgy course at the Faculty of Geological, Mining, Metallurgical and Geographic Engineering of UNMSM. Consultant in Environmental Impact Studies, Environmental Auditing and Supervision, Design of the Supervision System for Environmental Management and Adjustment Programs (PAMA) and Environmental Impact Studies (EIA) of Companies of the Mining Sub-sector of the MEM, Direct Leaching of Cu concentrates, Obtaining ZnSO4 and SHNa from Zn concentrate. Special environmental inspections to several mining units.

Haydee Jacqueline Espinoza Galvez
CSP 1435

Degree in Sociology and graduate in Pedagogy. Specialized in Environment with experience in socioeconomic studies and evaluation of social projects. She has done multidisciplinary work in the areas of electrification, citizen participation, elaboration of Community Relations Plans, rural development and training in environmental sanitation and health. I have also developed training activities for youth and adult groups. My skills include a great capacity to act and relate to diverse human groups, dynamic, extroverted, I can work under pressure.
Capacity and availability to learn new systems at the required level.

Tomás Acero Rosales
CIP 8647

Chemical Engineer with more than 30 years of experience, Specialist in Environmental Chemistry and Occupational Health, twenty-five years of experience, Bachelor in Occupational Health, degree obtained at the University of Chile. Postgraduate studies in Safety, Environmental Contamination and Underground Ventilation by Computer, Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan.
Postgraduate studies on Safety in Mining, Main Professor of the course of Safety and Industrial Hygiene and Environmental Contamination at UNMSM.
Consultant in Environmental Studies (Eias, Daps, Pamas, Audits and Environmental Control).

Edgar Llamoca Paredes
CIP 36932

Experience in mining works; Safety and Environmental Management related to the mining-metallurgical activity; supervision of Mining Safety and Hygiene and Environmental Protection and Conservation issues. Implementation and follow-up of the Occupational Health and Safety Management System of the works in progress, preparation of safety plans and programs, verification of the use of management tools, legal framework, PETS (Written Procedures for Safe Work), OPT (Planned Work Observation), IPER (Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment), ATS (Safe Work Analysis). Follow-up of Environmental Management, monitoring of water and air quality, evaluating environmental impacts, elaboration of mitigation plans and programs.

Mariel Mucha Franco
CIP 52632

Geographer Engineer, specialized in Environment, graduated from Universidad Nacional Federico Villarreal - Lima, with a Master's Degree in Environmental Management from the Faculty of Environmental Engineering of Universidad Nacional de Ingeniería, and 21 years of professional experience in different productive sectors. She has worked as a consultant in environmental projects in the mining, industrial, health and transportation sectors, having carried out environmental impact studies, environmental impact statements, preliminary environmental diagnosis, environmental assessments, environmental monitoring, control, prevention and remediation of environmental impacts.

Yolanda Valentin Rojas
CIP 109534

Geographer Engineer graduated from the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos; Common Verifier and Cadastral Verifier with a Diploma in Legal Physical Sanitation of Urban, Rural and State Properties; Diploma of High Specialization in Real Estate Registry; Diploma in Property Registry Sanitation; Diploma in Registry Sanitation of Rural Properties and Diploma in Public Management, Local and Regional Development; with experience in Legal Physical Sanitation of Rural and Urban Properties, professional experience acquired in the Organism of Formalization of Informal Property (COFOPRI), Regional Government of Lima (DIREFOR), Regional Government of Callao and as an Independent Consultant.

Jaziel Blanco Obregón
CBP 6915

B.Sc. in Biology, Biologist. Environmental Consultant. Biodiversity Consultant. Master in Environmental Sciences. Quality and Environmental Management Systems Auditor. Experience in Evaluation, Supervision, Monitoring and Environmental Auditing, Preparation of Technical Files in Biodiversity and Environmental Matters. Extensive work experience in the public and private sectors. Management of national and international legislation on flora and fauna conservation, international agreements, biodiversity strategies. Experience in the elaboration of environmental management documents, animal and plant taxonomy, higher education teaching, community relations, environmental consulting, biodiversity consulting.

Advisory, consulting and auditing services in different sectors and industries.
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Advisory, consulting and auditing services in different sectors and industries.
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